Tuesday, 9 February 2010

well, it's a start

look at the facebook fan page for Nasty Naz here and notice that you are not finding members of Reading Labour Party on there, come on boys (and indeed some girls from time to time) get involved, go on with you. Have a look at the site, you will see that he uses Denefield School as a backdrop, with an unnamed female person in the shot, who may even be a pupil there, who knows.


Anonymous said...

"Naz Sarkar for Reading West. does not have any forthcoming events."

Especially after May/June when he goes back to London as a Councillor having lost.

Anonymous said...

Good to read that "Being a Teacher, Education is one of Naz's main priorities". Shame about the typos (Resevoir, Tory's, etc).

jane said...

shame about the grammar too - "Being a teacher, education is..." grammatically says that education is a teacher, a common error. My editing and proofreading rates are very reasonable.