Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Anneliese Dodds is profiled this week on Labour List, and her profile includes the statement:

would claim only the average Reading wage as a salary, and invest the rest in making sure that local constituents get the best possible service from their local MP

Interesting, huh? How would that work then? Would like to know. Raises several questions, hein?


Anonymous said...

Oh perlease!!!!!!!!
I really can't bear it - not least the offensive and patronising use of the word 'wage' - so redolent of homely flat caps, horny hands of toil etc. Not to mention earnest discussions at evil natured GCs about the costs of tickets to fund raising socials. MP/PPC suggests a minimum of £20-£25 per person - it is a fund-raiser after all for the forthcoming General Election campaign.
'Oh no', sniffs A/B/C/ evil GC or EC officer whose real aim is to do everything to scupper the re-election hopes of the MP. 'It must be £5 'waged' and £2 'un-waged'.'This from 'comrades' none of whom earn less than £30,000 per annum.......

So is Ms Dodds trying to curry favour with such individuals and head off potential hostility?
If so, this is a very bad sign, indicating that they have got it in for her already and are pulling her strings, bully-boy style.It also indicates that she is weak, weak, weak.
Or is A Dodds, actually, a rich posh paws?
Let's not forget that she is an Oxbridge academic - not a horny daughter of toil or dole or JSA.
If she is a trust fund person then of course she can afford this. An MP's salary is pocket money to her.
Or is this now a draconian unstated but expected 'demand' from national party HQ - for MPs not to take their proper salaries? If so, contact your union quick and ring the Daily Mail.

Or is AD simply stupid?
If she can carry out the job of an MP on the national minimum wage then I'll eat my hat.

On second thoughts, I don't wear them. Quite clearly the answer is that AD knows full well that she has about as much chance of winning Reading East and having to carry out her pledge as the proverbial pigs sprouting wings and flying. So she is free to say just whatever she wants!!
What will it be next,Anny?
Free shopping vouchers at Harvey Nicks for every woman over the age of 14?

Wow! count me in, sister!

dazmando said...

It does Raise more questions and I would like to know more.

BTW just added your blog you may want to add min as we are quite close.


Thank you

Jonny said...

Yes, that is interesting, and laudable. Easier to do in Reading than Plymouth or Hull. Median, mode or mean? Average of full-time employed or all adults?

Anonymous said...

Since the Kelly report recommends that in future MPs meet the cost of normal commuting journeys themselves a sizeable chunk of her net average Reading wage will go on her season ticket.

Anonymous said...

"According to the National Housing Federation (NHF), the average house price in Reading is £221,459 while the average individual salary is £22,506."


STANDARD ANNUAL ticket for Reading Stations to Paddington with
tube travel ZonesR 1256 would be £4152.00.

Has she done her sums?

Voter said...

I think that Anonymous 16.54 has posed all the relevant questions for this candidate.
She is quite happy to squeak off on 'Labour List' but not to answer 16. 54's questions.
Can't answer, won't answer?

Or is her volubility on the one hand to a tame, lickspittle Labour organ, and silence in response to queries on a straight-talking blog indicative of everything the good voters of Reading East need to know about this woman?

It tells them that this is a supremely arrogant woman with total contempt for those she wishes to represent, not to mention the party members who are no doubt expected to sweat blood to get her into the House of Commons.
Perhaps she might also 'pledge' to attend no receptions furnished with wine/champagne and canapes in the Jubilee Room/Terrace Pavilion,Chomondley roon et al, forswear the Sky TV and other summer parties, forgo dining on subsidised nosh in the Churchill Room, Members' Dining Room etc and buy all clothes from Peacocks, Matalan and Primark?
Oh - and stay away from Select Committees with the hint of foreign travel, Inter Parliamentary Union , forgo an office or staff at Westminster and 'share' the services of an unpaid 'Secretary' with the GC.

Is this why you have been working the seat for the last three years Anneleise Dodds?

Thought not.

Goodness me - its almost better to carry on your drudgery as a 'lecturer' isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps she thinks she can live 'comfortably'on her expenses...perhaps someone should take her to one side and have a quiet word...

Jonny said...

Ooh! Voter! Who rattled your cage?