Thursday, 19 November 2009

seen on facebook

the following from Singleton-White, the fraudster's friend:

Hi Rob, I hoping to become a governor at Redlands so I'd be interested to know how you get on.

posted on the site of the man we hope will be elected councillor for Park ward next May. I am not Singleton-White's friend on facebook (quelle surprise!) so cannot read Rob's reply, chiz.


Anonymous said...

Do Reading Labour Party still use School Governorships as a sort of local "Honours System", and dole them out to party hacks for services rendered? Or have they realised that the role involves some work and responsibility these days?

Anonymous said...

This week has seen the Ofsted Inspectors at Alfred Sutton Primary School, where I am a Governor blogs Richard McKenzie.

Lead inspector Peter Thrussell described the quality of learning at Alfred Sutton as “patchy” and students with special educational needs and/or disabilities are “making less progress”.

Mr Thrussell said: “the senior leaders and governors have been too slow to identify the weakness in provision for pupils with special educational and/or disabilities.”

Anonymous said...

Rob White is also a governor at Alfred Sutton School........