Saturday, 21 November 2009

seen elsewhere

on the site of a man who describes himself as a writer on politics:

The downfall of the new Labour project has not been so much about what new Labour did or did not do in power but the failure of many of its disciples to understand that Stalinism doesn’t work, never did, never will.

Profound insight, hein? Who wrote it?


Anonymous said...

The failure of the Labour Government, new, Stalininst or of any other kind lies in the petty minded, little Englander attitude of its party members and a large number of its representatives. Unable to lift their eyes above their petty inter personality squabbles in the constituency party and their determination to hold onto their petty little fiefdom on their local council. Most of them, as usual, fail to understand what it is all about to be the government nationally. The resting state of Labour party members is not to want to have power nationally, or be willing to do what is necessary to have it. A glaring example is 'Dave' Sutton who is hair shirt about the compromises to his beliefs which were necessary to keep 'Reading Labour' governing Reading but was scathing any time the Labour Government deviated from the beliefs he compromised daily.

jane said...

and nobody, not even you flashing blade,guessed who wrote this!

David Akroyd said...

Easy enough, the quote is from a piece by John Howarth which can be linked to at:

As for commenting on the content or style of the article, can't even be bothered.