Thursday, 5 November 2009

Questions for Naz Sarkar

I am asking Labour's parliamentary candidate for Reading West, Naz Sarkar, the following questions. He can answer them with a guest post on this blog if he wishes, or in the comments. He is free to contact me on if he wishes to make a guest post. Either way any answers he gives or statement he chooses to make will be published here in full, unedited and in the first instance without comment.

1. Your website says: Naz is a mathematics teacher at Denefield School in Tilehurst and has been a Secondary school teacher for 8 years. Denefield School's website does indeed list your name in its mathematics department. Are you a class teacher?

2. Do you teach GCSE Mathematics at Denefield?

3. Do you teach A-level Mathematics at Denefield?

4. What size class on average do you teach?

5. How many contact hours a week do you teach?

6. The (very helpful) person who answered the phone at Denefield School yesterday said you were "one of our tutors". A tutor is not a teacher but someone with Qualified Teacher Status who works 1-1 with students, usually for a few hours a week, after school and occasionally in school holidays, as the current advertisement on Denefield School's website for Mathematics and English tutors makes clear. Are you a tutor?

7. If the answer to question 6 is "yes", why did you describe yourself as a teacher on your website?

8. If the answer to question 6 is "no", why did the person at Denefield School describe you as a tutor?

9. When did you start working at Denefield School?

10. Are you still working at Denefield School?

11. If the answer to question 10 is "yes", what job do you do there and what kind of contract do you have?

12. If the answer to question 10 is "no", when did you leave and why?

13. Will Denefield School make a statement on your employment with them?

I think that will do for now. Look forward to hearing from you Naz!


Anonymous said...

Was the hatchet faced er, tutor, in the front row on Question Time tonight ?

Anonymous said...

If I spotted it correctly, there may be a delay in him answering as he may still be congratulating himself on his national TV bawling at the Conservatives and UKIP on tonight's "Question Time". Front row seat in the audience I think!

Unless, I'm mistaked and it wasn't actually him - anyone else see it?

Anonymous said...

Anneliese Dodds was certainly there.

Anonymous said...

It was him. Then a few rows back were Dodds, Lovelock and Ennis all in a row. Funny how they managed to get 3 people up for election in 2010 and leader of the Council.

Must be a pure coincidence that no Lib Dem or Tory candidates got tickets...

Anonymous said...

It was him. John Ennis (Southcote) also managed to get a word in. Ms Dodds was there but she didn't say anything. I also think Jo Lovelock was sat smugly among the local Labour group.

Anonymous said...

All those placements, and to round it off, the ghastly, donation-amnesiac Hain was on the panel. Ughh !!

Perhaps the show should be renamed "Don't QUESTION Labour TIME"

howard thomas said...

Most candidates can be said to have their good points , no matter who they stand for-------this one on the other hand is truly clueless!
What does IDR stand for Naz??

Anonymous said...

Can someone please explain to me why he should even bother reading this blog nevermind responding to the post.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 10:19, allow me to try....

Nature abhors a vacuum, and as the level of political debate within Re4aqding is so pitiful, this blog has somehow moved into the void. It is read by politicos, hacks, wonks and weirdos of all political persuasions, and none. Rumour has it that even a few members of the electorate pop by from time to time. It is the only forum I know of which allows us a glimpse of what might be going on in the inner recesses of the Civic Centre and the town's Labour Party. Yes, our editrice (editrix?) muight have a few unresolved "issues" concerning her time with us, but she does bring a depth of knowledge and analysis as well.

Sure, no-one need read this - but I and many others will continue to do so.