Wednesday, 18 November 2009

class, HMV!

the Reading Evening Post has a Diary piece today titled "Class act Naz" which highlights that Mr Sarkar went to school at both Dulwich College and Winchester. Where did they get that from then? Cannot imagine. They quote Mr Sarkar only to say that when asked about his school career Mr Sarkar said "Where is this going? Is it going to be a story?". (Oh dear, oh dear, Mr Salter used to run little courses on how not to make a tit of yourself in the dead-tree media, have you not taken one of those courses Mr Sarkar?) The piece goes on to say, carefully, "Mr Sarkar is currently teaching maths full-time at Denefield School in Tilehurst where he is giving one-to-one tuition to GCSE students". It goes on to say that the Dulwich motto is Detur Gloria Soli Deo - Let Glory be Given to God Alone - and that the Winchester one is Manners Makyth Man, for which it does not provide a translation. It concludes by saying that it is not known whether Mr Sarkar played for the Winchester College football team known as the Winkies.

Class indeed.

I thank you.


Anonymous said...

Is Dulwich College Preparatory School the same as Dulwich College?

Anonymous said...

Not quite. It's their junior feeder school. Part of the same "group" or "brand", but technically a separate establishment.

Anonymous said...

What subjects did this man study at A Level - and, no, of course Dulwich Prep is NOT the same as Dulwich College. One is for little boys and the other for big boys.

howard thomas said...

'how not to make a tit of yourself'
-----well he could try being quiet,that could work as he obviously failed the course rather badly!