Friday, 6 November 2009

questions for Naz, II

Mr Sarkar, still glowing perhaps from his placement in the Question Time audience, has not so far responded to my questions, which have caused amusement to those who know him, who point out that he used to be, not a teacher but a tutor, at Denefield (they think he has left), that he did something similar at Dunraven School in Streatham when he was trying to be selected there, and that his family has plenty of money and looks after him well, so that he does not actually need a salary. He also, I am told, did not tell the Reading West selection meeting that he was educated at Winchester. I wonder why not?

I am in the process of penning a formal question to Denefield School about their alleged employment of Mr Sarkar. I hope the response from the head teacher is as polite and helpful as that of his staff member was on the telephone on Wednesday.

There is a bit of a history with Labour PPCs and employment at Denefield School. Anybody guess what I am referring to?


Anonymous said...

Do tell Jane, what is the connection with Labour and Denefield.

jane said...

Remember another Labour man who was a PPC and who was a councillor for a while, who did a similar job at Denefield, and what happened to him? I hope there aren't any more parallels for Nasty Naz!

Anonymous said...

I can confirm from the register of Old Boys Addresses that Arunes Sarkar (currently resident at 45 [road name redacted] Road, London SE25 4[post code redacted]) was indeed a pupil at Winchester College from 1989 to 1994.

Winchester College is one of the most highly selective schools in the country and charges one of the highest annual fees (£27,405) in the country.

Anonymous said...

Arunes Sarkar attended until

1989 Dulwich College Preparatory School

1994 Winchester College

1997 University of Bristol

according to his entry FriendsReunited...

Anonymous said...

Who was the other guy and what happened to him? Do tell.

David Akroyd said...

The answer is Nelson Bland. To find out what happened to him go to:

Mr Bland is of course known to Jane as one of the people who stood against her in 1995 for the Reading East Labour nomination.

Although it may sound a bit of a cheek, I think I deserve a free copy of Jane's book as a prize.

jane said...

book on its way to you David, if your home address has changed let me know. A sad story all told. I knew Nelson as a Labour colleague, we worked together in Woodley for the party and we (at least I and the Woodley party members if no-one else) were pleased when he was elected as Labour councillor for Bulmershe. None of us knew anything at the time about the issues in his personal life, which are outlined in the HMV report David Akroyd links to - because it is a report of a court hearing it is actually true, unlike most of that paper's reportage - and it was a very sad day for us all when we found out. What has not been mentioned is that Nelson had a wife and daughter, who had done nothing wrong but whose lives were made utterly miserable by the publicity. His wife Penny was also a Labour member in Woodley. The glee of Mr Salter and some other Reading Labour members when this emerged was not, shall we say, very well disguised at the time. The then chair of the Reading party, Stuart Singleton-White, the fraudster's friend, did not so much as write to Penny Bland in sympathy for her difficulties, which were certainly not of her making. Nelson Bland did work at Denefield School, and let people believe he was a teacher there, but he was not. Let us hope a pattern is not emerging, and that the disgrace of Nelson Bland is not echoed in the person of Naz Sarkar by anything worse than being caught lying to the party and the public. For all our sakes.