Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Now that Liz Truss has survived a deselection attempt in SW Norfolk (hurrah!), where do people think the next attempt is going to be? and do they think Nasty Naz will survive having been caught out lying to Reading West members? the vote on my little poll on the right is neck and neck, with a respectable turnout.

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Anonymous said...

Unless the PPC or MP has done something like committing a murder, I am not in favour of de-selection and so for this reason, welcome the fact that Liz Truss has seen off the Turnip Taliban.


AFter Ms Truss has indulged (and why should she not?) in the glutinous and puffy dead tree profiles that will ensue ('Liz aims for the top' - in depth interview by Alice Miles etc etc), she will find, that, as always, there are maggots in the wurzels, so to speak.
She is now a marked woman and the TT, far from now snucking neatly into line and becoming her bestest friends will merely bide their time and re-group for de-selection onslaughts in the future.

Once someone has gone throuhg a de-selection trial, whether successful or not, they are finished.
Look at Nick Hawkins and Bob Spink, Liz. If I were you, I would now de-select myself.
You will find that every triumph in the House is accompanied by a 'request to address the Executive as of uregency' / complaint by the Association to your Chief Whip/'infallible' leaked rumours that you are bonking half of Norfolk and irefutable 'evidence' that you are a regular meths drinker who is about to undergo a sex change.

No - not unless you are Boris Johnson with access to ten million lucrative book contracts.