Thursday, 5 November 2009

Thames Pilgrim

is how someone called Guy Robinson tweets, and he says this:

I note that my current MP, Martin Salter, both voted against the Iraq war (saying there was no moral case) and has a clean expenses record.

Oh dear. How they are deceived. No he didn't. He said he had, but he abstained. And he does not have a clean expenses record. He claimed over 40K in four years for a London property he did not have. Still, never let the facts get in the way, etc etc

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Anonymous said...

What is forgotten also is Salters own expenses gaff, when he had to pay back thousands.

'He posted to a number of constituents in pre-paid House of Commons envelopes, a breach of the Stationery and Postage Rules;
the report's imprint did not state that it had been funded from Mr Salter's Parliamentary allowances; and the report arguably promoted the re-election of a councillor in the May 2007 local elections by featuring a picture of him.'