Wednesday, 27 July 2011

trouble at mill

Cllr Jamie Chowdhary has been deselected by Peppard ward Tories in Reading.  So says His Master's Voice, so it must be true.  I had heard that he was standing down for health reasons, though clearly that was wrong.  Perhaps he was persuaded to stand because he is a supporter of Tory leader Andrew Cumpsty, who believes that not all his group supports him.  And Peppard ward members had other ideas.  Well, beware.  From what I know of Reading's Tory councillors (I don't know them all) they understand power, and they know that deselections rarely lead to election victory.  They had better move fast to repair the damage.  Cllr Chowdhary has been something of a loose cannon in the past, and in particular was quite remarkably unhelpful to the Tory cause in Park ward I hear from sources close to the Pakistan Community Centre, contributing heavily to the defeat of then Cllr Wazir Hussain, for which he probably ought to have been suspended from the party, but was not.  Perhaps this is why those who objected to his conduct during the election campaign have now taken their revenge.  Better to move on, I should think.   Don't take a leaf from the book of Reading Labour, who in the past 25 years have got five Asian councillors elected.  Two of them were booted out of the party, one in a particularly disgraceful episode of bullying intended to conceal a sordid episode involving Martin Salter, and one resigned in disgust.  Two remain, and are keeping their noses clean.  They had better, if they know what's good for them.  Whitey homophobe misogynist Reading Labour are making a big concession by allowing them into the Guardian-readers' tent. 


Anonymous said...

Erm. Six not five Asian Labour Councillors in the last 25 years. Ayub, Chaudhri, Janjua, Khan, Khan - and Sohpal. All men. Three of them made it to Mayor.

Political infighting is always a dirty business. And this no less than any other.

When should we expect Reading WEST Conservatives to move office - and their MP to move his constituency office? And when do we lose - which looks to have been a Willis-free zone for the last year?

Jane Griffiths said...

mmm, you're right. I had successfully blotted the corrupt fraudster Riaz Chaudhri from my consciousness. Do explain - why should the Reading West Conservatives move office?

Anonymous said...

er yes.. why should they move? The last official registered address, online:

16C Upton Road
RG30 4BJ

same for the MP. Suppose they are all still there.If so, Draw your own conclusion if one is in the knowledge...Rumours has it they have adopted the old saying " Do not bite the hand which feeds you" Ummm...Is this the reason for the 'mass' exodus to Reading West COnservatives? As for the website, , why should it go anon 14.54? who is behind it?? Who started it? Has the official COnservative logo all over it,so assume it has the blessing of the local high command. Not much in it apart from lots of self promoting from some. Actually, It makes Jan Gavin's website look good. Puh!

Anonymous said...

Cllr Chowdhary owns the premises currently housing RWCA and Alok Sharma's constituency office. And his business hosts Do keep up.