Thursday, 7 July 2011


ah well goodbye News of the World, whodathunkit after all this time, those crowing might want to think about the people who have lost their jobs who are guilty of nothing.  Still, this has been a hard-nosed commercial decision, which is what the Digger goes in for.  Though he is not afraid to fail.  And has, in the past.  People laughed when the Times on line went fully paid-for, but I am delighted with my subscription and expect to maintain it.  I am not boycotting any News International products, for the same reason that I do not boycott Nestle coffee (which sig other does) although in the past their policies on marketing milk formula have been questionable to say the very least.  Business, and the turning of a profit, is not always pretty.  That is what governments are there for, to create regulation which stops the worst excesses.  At least we hope.  I do however boycott Lush, as I have discovered that they are anti-Israel and supporters of suicide bombing and other forms of terrorism.  Which is worse than anything Murdoch has done.  So I will have to find a new shower gel to use.  Pity, because I have been using the grapefruit Happy Hippy for a number of years now and find it rather fab.  Well, Lush are not the only soapmakers in the world.  (Oooh!)


Anonymous said...

Wall Eye was on the box tonight -- caught him after canavssing for a County council by-election. Result tonight. Who knows? Incidentally, no mention of any of this on the doorstep. Does it influence voters? Dunno. Will report tomorrow. If we win - then it will have done. Finely poised.

I liked Wall Eye - and he was very angry and pissed off on behalf of the working journalists there who had no involvement in Bek's spider web of corruption. I have a feeling that they might well talk to a friendly tabloid if they lose their jobs. About Beks Baby - her ex hubby - and other aspects of her personal life -- oh and, of course, the present stuff etc etc.

Anonymous said...

Resounding victory for Labour in by-election.

Anonymous said...

I haven't bought a souvenir copy - and, in fact, I find I am boycotting Murdoch papers to include The Times and The Sunday Times.
Not a moralist or a purist. I have enquired whether or not I have been hacked, so to speak, by NOW. And I suspect, The Times as well - particularly in respect of one story about me and my family.I don't expect to hear any time soon. I liked two journalists who worked for Murdoch papers - one for a stint on NOW , the other on The Times where they both ended up before leaving to pursue other options. And I am sorry that some journalists on NOW today have lost their jobs. But not all.One gloated when something unfortunate happened to me - and now that person is possibly facing prison and will be unemployable afterwards. Good. They will have had their DNA taken and been fingerprinted and mug-shoted. Good and double good.

Anonymous said...

Makes Flashman look very grubby with his mates Coulson and Brooks up to their necks in it and heading for the clink.

The NoW is completely unneeded and as such the 200 jobs is regrettable on a human level but little else. I am sure the Sunday Sun will follow with the writers back on a reduced salary. The real victims here are those that have lost loved ones yet still had their lives intruded. All this while NI withheld evidence, paid off and intimidated the Police and laughed at the our pathetic politicians.

The Guardian has done a very good job sticking to their guns while NI, PCC and The Met rubbished their claims

Anonymous said...

Last Anon - well, yes - up to a point.

It felt very amusing, however, to see the loathsome Marina Hyde saying that she felt 'clean' because she worked for The Guardian.

That paper has, in the past, printed whatever filth people have given it -- completely unsourced - about its chosen targets . Step forth Marina, ex squeeze of Piers! All hail, Matthew Norman.

I well remember The Guardian Diary printing lies and filth about Jane on fourteen consecutive days. None of it sourced. All of it lies. All of it hurtful and damaaging to reputation. I could go on. No doubt Marina had a posh little giggle. I once saw her on the tube. We didn't speak.

Anonymous said...

Lush cosmetics say they are an ethical company and have a whole list of ethical cuases. Yet at the same time they are supporting oppressive regimes by having shops in these countries. Hopefully I do not need to go into the human right record and oppression of women etc in Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka.
How can this company call it self ethical ?

I suggest we FLUSH LUSH!!!!
Boycott Lush