Monday, 11 July 2011

hmmm just thought I'd mention

this from the Filth, thanks Jonathan

In 2003, Devon and Cornwall police discovered that one of their junior officers was providing information from the police national computer to a network of private investigators. The Guardian has established that one of these investigators, Glen Lawson of Abbey Investigations in Newcastle upon Tyne, used this contact to commission a search of police records for information about Brown on 16 November 2000. Lawson also commissioned searches related to two other Labour MPs, Nick Brown and Martin Salter.
Lawson made these searches on behalf of journalists, a previously unreported court hearing was told. Transcripts obtained by the Guardian show that the search on Martin Salter was made at a time when the News of the World, then edited by Brooks, was attacking him for refusing to support the paper's notorious "Sarah's law" campaign to name paedophiles. 
I remember well that the Screws published a "rogues' gallery" of MPs who had refused to support the "Sarah's Law" campaign, printing pictures of them that made them look like child molesters, that is if anyone knows what a child molester really looks like.  They surveyed all MPs as I recall.  I threw their letter in the bin.  I do remember the Reading Evening Post phoning me up saying I was being "widely condemned" for not supporting the "Sarah's Law" campaign.  Why would they do that?  Anyway, they may well have hacked Mr Salter's phone.  As I barely used a mobile (and still barely do) and avoid the phone at all times if I can, there is unlikely to be anything of interest from my phone records - hence that there is no evidence that there was any attempt to hack them.  Many others however may be implicated, and "just satisfaction" as we say in the legal business may well be forthcoming.
Oh what joy.  The dead tree press will eat itself.  All that is required for unalloyed joy is for the Guardian also to be exposed.


Anonymous said...

Oh perleaze! You are forgetting to mention that dirty toe rag, Kevin McGuire from The Mirror!

What a stinking billy he is!

What dark arts has he not performed?

Bang 'em up, bang 'em up, bang'em up I say!

But remember: strip searches - removal of underwear; DNA, mugshots and fingerprinting and OPEN SEATLESS CELL TOILETS! Or it WILL NOT BE FAIR.

Anonymous said...

Select Committee grilling of the cops took place today in The Wilson Room.

Very appropriate. He was bugged and tapped and hacked more than any politician before or since -- and was regarded as paranoid when he mentioned it.

But as we now know, if you think people are out to get you THEY USUALLY ARE.