Friday, 1 July 2011

DSK to go free?

"a source" has told the New York times today that the case against DSK is close to collapse, as credibility issues emerge in respect of the accuser.  It appears still to be the case that the authorities believe that there was a sexual encounter between DSK and the chambermaid (who is not being named in the US media but who is in the French press - her surname is Diallo) but that they are less inclined to believe that it was a forced one.  I have posted before on this, ever since the arrest of DSK in May, and it has always seemed unlikely to me.  I said at the time that if DSK wanted a woman he could pay for one.  Hotels organise that sort of thing for you.  When DSK was taken to court in New York there was an angry demonstration by hotel staff, who booed him and shouted that they were the victims of sexual exploitation.  No doubt.  But more likely by their bosses and fellow employees, especially if they are illegal immigrants, as is often the case.  Guests pay for it if they want it.  Eminent guests in public life do not usually want to draw much attention to themselves.  I remember a few years ago sig other and I were in a rather nice hotel in Sofia, Bulgaria.  I was in the bathroom when our room service order arrived, and it seemed that the exchange of words in the doorway was going on for a long time.  I thought room service worked like this: you order it, they bring it, you tip them, they leave.  But quite a chat was happening.  Then the person left and I came out of the bathroom, to be told by sig other that the person who had brought the order, a young woman of African appearance (not a common sight in Sofia even today) had made it very clear that if he wanted company she would be happy to come back in a little while.  And she would like a present in return.  And I do not think this is unusual behaviour.

The Parti Socialiste is holding open primaries for its potential presidential candidates, in October.  The closing date for candidates' expressions of interest is 13th July.  Talking head on France 2 this morning said that in theory there was still time for DSK to put his name forward.  In theory, yes.  There are already several candidates, including the party leader, Martine Aubry, of whom I am a fan.  (She is Jacques Delors' daughter btw).  Inexplicably the polls favour the odious git Francois Hollande, who has no discernible merit whatever, and who seems to be campaigning only on the fact that he used to be fat and is not any more.  He also had a problem last week when Jacques Chirac took the piss by saying he was voting Hollande.

Anyway, the PS has no leader at present, as Martine has temporarily stood aside to campaign for the candidacy.  Maybe that's just as well.  How much, if any, interest do my UK readers have in French politics?


The other Warren said...

I have an interest in French Politics Jane.

Thanks for the update.

Jonny said...

Moi aussi, et tes blogs au sujet sont toujours les bienvenus.

Anonymous said...

On the same subject have you heard the Santogold album. Was listening last night and thought about you.

Jane Griffiths said...

no, I don't know Santigold (as I ihave just discovered she is now), will have a listen

Anonymous said...

Quite a lot. I was a fan of Monsieur Mitterand - his sceond Presidential election victory was such a brilliant textbook campaign ( in 1988, I think) that I have never forgotten it.

He is a bloody hard act to follow - and the fact is, that the PS have not followed -- not by a long way.

I too like Martine A. And agree that Hollande is quite unspeakable - likewise his ex Snow Queen, Sego.

Unfortunately, M Mitterand cannot be dug up and re - animated -- so I feel that it all looks v. bleak.

But not as bleak as it does in the UK for the hapless Miliboots.

Anonymous said...

She reminds a little of MIA who I know you are fond of. Better though.

Andraste said...

I'm tempeted to ask "Is is 'cos I'm Jewish?" Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Le Party Socialist Francais must be very much your cup of tea Jane.Very "New Labour", I mean the old "New Labour" but with a bit more teeth. I was a Pompidou fan myself. Now THAT was a president ( and an half). France lost its presence on the world stage after that. Now it's all a blur between the left and the right. Still better be sick there than anywhere else in the world apparently!