Wednesday, 13 July 2011

did he stand up to the bullies?

and further update

just a thought to add to what I posted earlier, below:  if Mr Salter's phone really had been hacked, someone would have found clear evidence of hs four-year expenses fraud, claiming £1000 a month for a non-existent property, and would have made use of that, especially as the News of the World were not his biggest fans in 2000, when he was still fraudulently claiming that money - wouldn't they?

er, no.  This is His Master's Voice's copy of Mr Salter's press release, usual fisking mine:

Former Reading West MP Martin Salter has been reportedly named as one of the figures targeted by a private investigator implicated in the News of the World scandal. 
Mr Salter, according to files obtained by The Guardian newspaper, was the victim of an inquiry he was the victim of nothing.  He didn't know until the Guardian reported it this week, and nothing has happened to him by a private detective who paid a junior police officer to search the police national computer for information. the police officer who took the money, allegedly, is guilty.  That's it.
His name emerged alongside former Prime Minister Gordon Brown and another MP Nick Brown.
The Guardian says it has a transcript of a previously unreported court case in which it was revealed Devon and Cornwall Police had discovered one of its officers was providing information to the private investigator in 2003.
The paper says the investigator was making enquiries on behalf of journalists at the time when the News of the World was attacking Mr Salter for refusing to support its campaign to pass legislation – Sarah’s Law – to publicise the whereabouts of convicted paedophiles. He was not the only one to refuse to support that campaign, there were many others, including me, but the rest of us were not targeted in any way, probably because we did not choose to give the NotW campaign publicity in press releases. 
However The Guardian says the private investigator has refused to name the journalists who commissioned him. and even if he had I should hope the Guardian, piece of filth though it is, would have enough journalistic integrity not to reveal its sources. 
Yesterday Mr Salter told the Reading Post the matter what matter? nothing has happened to Mr Salter.  The PNC looked at information about him, allegedly, and if anything had been found that the NotW was minded to use I am quite sure they would have done so; they clearly found nothing of interest was in the hands of his solicitors who have been asked to do what exactly? but said he thought he was a target because he “stood up to Rebekah Brooks”. who was called Wade then, as I hope Mr Salter knows
The News of the World under of the editorship of Rebekah Brooks Wade led the campaign for Sarah’s Law following the murder of Sarah Payne by Roy Whiting, a convicted sex offender who had been released from prison.
Mr Salter refused to support the newspaper’s campaign to allow parents to have access to the Sex Offenders’ Register. See above.

In June 2006, he spoke up in the House of Commons he used that opportunity to refer to the alleged burning out of a paediatrician, mistaken for a paedophile by a mob, following the Sarah's Law campaign, unfortunately this has been shown up as an urban myth  about the dangers of publicising information about convicted paedophiles when a right wing website called Redwatch linked to another called Noncewatch emerged. not on this topic at all, but never mind the facts, hey?
The website said: “Nonces deserve nothing more than a decent British noose around their necks and a long drop.” thanks for the publicity Martin, love and kisses Noncewatch
Mr Salter stood down as MP for Reading West in 2010 and has been in Australia ever since. He returns to this country next month. having placed self-publicity, including photos, in the Reading Evening Post and Newbury Weekly News, just ahead of time, handy, eh? idiot stooges in the media

The Newbury Weekly News quotes him as saying he "will not be giving interviews" because of possible "prejudice" to "any future legal action".  More likely to avoid prejudice to his resumed political career in Reading, hein?


Anonymous said...

Oh - unbearable,noxious - excruciating twaddle.

Mr Salter was never a target in the real meaning of the word. The real meaning is never a week or a fortnight going by without going to the office and our assistant saying 'Oh -- such and such from such and such paper phoned about such and such and they are going to print. They have asked you to call them back'. And then what always ensued was 24 or 48 hours of non-stop calls to lawyers - either getting them to stop the untrue and unsourced lies -- or months of calls and visits with lawyers, monitoring the legal case after the lies had been printed. By the time we had obtained corrections/costs/sometimes damages , the phone calls had begun again over something else.

Did Mr Salter ever experience any of this? No. Thought Not.

Those of us who did are making our own enquiries now via Operation Weeting. We have supplied full lists of our numbers both mobile and land and various addresses as requested. However, we are not trying to garner publicity for the fact that we are doing so whether or not we are resuming or pursuing political careers. The fact that Mr Salter is kick-starting his re-launch by posing in his local paper as The Patron Saint of the Hacked - makes me want to be sick.

Unfortunately, he is a mascot for The Guardian and other papers of the ilk - and will continue to receive a fluffy press. All and sundry refused to probe his expenses, even when furnished with blatant and contradictory information as against his claim to be Mr Squeaky. He can bloody well Fluff Off.

Anonymous said...

I don't think they are stooges. They are deliberate and complicit Salter allies in his self promotional campaign. Yuk and quadruple yuk.

Mrs Jonny said...

And in a further development, said Devon & Cornwall police officer has since died - according to the local BBC news programme last night.

Jane Griffiths said...

thanks for that. Then there is no case.

Jonathan said...

It's on the BBC now

Anonymous said...

talking about the paediatrician/paedophile confusion, there were a series of disturbances against a doctor living in a house a couple of streets away from where I was living in a rough part of Portsmouth at the height of the furore and although this incident was subsequently exaggerated and elaborated upon within days (the house wasn't set ablaze, but there was a march to the house and a car window may have been smashed) the underlying fact isn't an urban myth - in fact I remember it being used on HIGNFY that week.

Salter was known to be friendly with the Labour MP for Portsmouth North, who was apparently made aware of false concerns and may have whipped them up at a surgery the week before, so there's a clear interest for him in repeating the untruth.

Anonymous said...

For the last 2 weeks TV and the papers have been full of pictures of Rebekah Brooks / Wade, emphasising her long ginger curly hair. Reminds me of someone.

Anonymous said...

Yes. She looks like a bad version of the acclaimed writer Carole Hayman. Same length of hair as well.

She does not look like Jane at all and never has.

Anonymous said...

I think that Sid Rapson is being referred to. He never attempted to whip up anything, actually.

Jane Griffiths said...

Syd Rapson is a very good man, I shared an office with him for a while. Salter may have been friendly with him, but he was not friendly with Salter. By 2006 he had stood down from Parliament. And no, Syd did not whip up anything. I am surprised that the BBC printed the "burning-out of a paediatrician" myth from Salter as fact, when as long ago as late 2006 the same BBC broadcast an interview with a senior police officer who said no such incident had ever happened and he wanted to reassure the public.

Anonymous said...

The bitch is dead. Stake through the heart.

Bye bye Bekky bye bye.