Monday, 25 July 2011

it's all Israel's fault

Yes, really.  They were behind the Norway massacre.  I suppose it was only a matter of time.


Jonny said...

London Area EDL on their Facebook page are claiming the gunman is a left-wing anarchist sponsored by the Norwegian government to besmirch the good name of the EDL and other far right racist organisations. Let a billion flowers bloom, and fester like weeds.

Anonymous said...

I find that what is really scary abotu this guy is the way he looks. Pure blond Aryan. In some photos, extremely handsome - almost male model.

And in all cases, very similar in looks to Bruce Chatwin.

Anonymous said...

Goes to show though that you can't really protect yourself from a nutter.
If you suspect that someone is weird then you can't relly say it.

Anonymous said...

BBC "South Today" news programmes regularly broadcast video clips given to them from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign in Brighton.