Wednesday, 20 July 2011

this is fun

I saw this not on Reading Borough council's website but on the Facebook page of Reading and District Labour Party - but what a silly old Hector I am, those two bodies are one and the same - and I eagerly signed up.  To begin with I expressed an interest in rubbish.

Thank you for joining the conversation about how Reading Borough Council can work better with you. Your comments on local issues and services are really appreciated and we will be back in touch soon about how we continue to talk.

If you have any questions at this stage, your form reference number is 147210. Please quote this in future discussions.
The We Need to Talk web pages are located at Please look here to access up to date articles regarding the consultation process, and continue to have your say.
Reading Borough Council

I will, RBC, oh I will.


Anonymous said...

Refresh the memory with Silly Old Hector again.

Jane Griffiths said...'s_House