Thursday, 16 December 2010

shooting and fishing heroes

my attention is drawn to this piece  in an Australian mag, Fishing World, known apparently as Fisho, in which Mr Salter, incorrectly described there as "UK government spokesman on angling", which he has never been, lays into Labor and Green members of the New South Wales state parliament.  Bad people apparently.  Ridiculous, another word he uses.  But a crew called the Shooters and Fishers, of whom I had never previously heard, are his new heroes.  This is what their own website says they are (red highlights are mine):

The Shooters and Fishers Party (S&F) is the federally registered political party that is represented in all States throughout Australia.

S&F is the voice of hunters, shooters, fishers, rural and regional Australia and independent thinking Australians everywhere. Advocating for the politically incorrect, a voice of reason, science and conservation.
S&F is about sustainable utilisation of Australia’s resources, Conservative in family values, we honour and value the family unit as the basic building block of our society. We believe in a fair go for all, but not at the expense of others.
S&F respects and honours our democratic traditions and those in our history who fought and died for us so that we may enjoy the freedoms that we now have.
S&F believes in a multicultural society, committed to Australian values above all others.

And what's this?  an ad appears on the same website:

The Shooters and Fishers Party (NSW) is seeking to employ four (4) highly motivated and experienced Campaign Organisers and a Fund Raising Officer (1) to work on the 2011 NSW state election campaign and beyond.

All positions require strong organising, communication and persuasion skills. Campaign Organisers will working within an assigned NSW region to mobilise volunteers and build campaign support. The Fund Raising Officer will work across all states of Australia, but the dominant focus will be on the State of NSW.
Applications close 5pm, 23 December 2010.

The successful applicant(s) will have the following skills and abilities:
A demonstrated commitment to the Shooters and Fishers Party and the advancement of the Party's policies and principles,
Knowledge of Regional NSW; local political issues and the State electoral and voting system,
Proven networking experience using email, telephone, face-to-face meetings, ability to organise meetings, raise public awareness, and run an election campaign in Regional NSW,
The ability to work with, inspire and co-ordinate a team of Regional volunteers to undertake a range of tasks including distribution of campaign material, attend club meetings and events etc.
Excellent written and interpersonal communication skills; a warm, friendly nature,
Demonstrated ability to show initiative, judgement and work effectively under pressure and have a laugh at the same time.
Reasonable computer skills (email, Excel and MS Word)
Successful applicant have overall responsibility for implementing the Shooters and Fishers Party's NSW 2011 state election campaign for their assigned region.
Pay for these positions is $40,000 per annum, pro rata, plus 9% superannuation. Other conditions of employment will be as per the Shooters and Fishers Party's NSW employment agreement.

What do readers think?  Is Mr Salter suited to this position?


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the piece in the Chronicle on this, as no doubt it'll come up on their Google alert!

Anonymous said...

Columbine massacre comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

40K Oz Dollars? That is about 25K sterling. How are the mighty fallen. Not sure he has the IT skills either.