Saturday, 18 December 2010

leave him alone

you can read here about the decision of the Tory MP for Ribble Valley and Deputy Speaker, Nigel Evans, to come out.  Not a surprise to anyone who has ever been in Westminster during his time, his sexuality I mean, and no-one's business but his own, I should think.  I counted him as a friend for several years, and I am sorry if, as I suspect, he has been pursued by a tabloid and has chosen to come out first, to a friendlier paper.  We hets would not appreciate having our sexuality and preferences featured in the tabloids, so why should gay people have to put up with it?  Nigel is entitled to a private life, as are we all.



Anonymous said...

Nigel Griffiths is one of the nicest, kindest - and most fun people in the House.
A top bloke in every way and let his tormentors rot in hell I say!
They are not worth his fingernail.

Anonymous said...

Sorry - Freudian slip - I meant Nigel Evans of course!

Actually - everything I wrote applies just as well to Nigel Griffiths who was hounded by a (hetro) sex 'scandal' in the last Parliament. Another top bloke whose 'sin' was that he was a loyal supporter of Gordon Borwn.