Wednesday, 15 December 2010

blood libel?

a report to be presented to the Council of Europe's Legal Affairs and Human Rights Committee tomorrow and already press released, says it has clear evidence that Hashim Thaci, newly elected (by a landslide) prime minister of independent Kosovo, was instrumental not only in gangsterism and trafficking, but in organ harvesting for profit, mainly of Serbs.  The BBC report I link to is quite reasoned and balanced, but there have been others, which kind of go "Hah!  There you were condemning the evil Serbs for massacring innocent Albanians and being led by a genocidal maniac, and you were Wrong!  Wrong, I tell you!  So those of us who stood by when ethnic cleansing was going on in Kosovo were Right!  Because the Albanians Deserved To Die!"  Well, let's look at this clearly for once, we are not Guardianistas on this blog.  No-one ever said that all Albanians were innocent.  No-one ever says that all victims in war are innocent.  At least I don't think they do.  And most Council of Europe reports don't make up their evidence.  Unlike Guardian editorials.  And don't even get me started on cholera riots.  Actually, do.  But not right now.  I shall be most interested to read the report tomorrow, and unlike most others will not comment on its detail until I have finished reading it.  But it interested me, in fact rather depressed me, that certain reports - yes, (sigh), step forward The Guardian - have implicated, you're ahead of me here, DA JOOZ, who as we all know have been harvesting organs, drinking the blood of Christian children, etc, etc, for centuries.

One my regular interlocutors says that former Yugoslavia still thinks it is one country, and I think he is right, having now visited all its former elements, or at least their capitals.  My favourites were Macedonia and Montenegro, however it is in Serbia that the welcome is warmest.  If I ruled the world I would put Serbs in charge of all the customer help desks.

But that is aside from the future of Kosovo, which deserves to have one.  I hope this latest report is helpful in that regard, and is not obscured by the Jew-hatred that the media of the stupid left have decided is what matters here.


Anonymous said...

Certainly the railway thinnk its still one country - that's why all trains lead to Belgrade.

Karl Haudbourg said...

"If I ruled the world I would put Serbs in charge of all the customer help desks." Good idea!