Monday, 13 December 2010

ein Volk, ein Reich, drei Brucke

over the Thames that is.  Apparently the issue of a third bridge at Reading has resurfaced.  Been on Ceefax so it must be true.  I would be most interested to know what position the Coalition take on this.  This is what the chief executive of Reading Buses, James Freeman, had to say the other day:

"Reading Buses chief executive James Freeman said roads in the Berkshire town were often jammed, especially on Thursday and Friday evenings."

glad to see that he at least has his finger on the pulse.  My own view is that another bridge should be built, for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport only, and that no road should be built at Kennetmouth.  But hey, what do I know.  Thanks to my correspondent for alerting me to this.


Anonymous said...

I'm amazed Ceefax still exists!!

Anonymous said...

BBC still has Ceefax - on analogue, and I think also on digital. ITV no longer has Teletext.

Traffic in Reading has got worse due to stupid decision making. Shinfield Road has traffic lights which have produced spectacular jams.

The station area has got worse as bus stops have started to move away from the bus station to the Forbury area.

Freeman has suddenly discovered that traffic lights (they are all badly set) cause jams. There is less bus flexibility because of the colour schemes. To paraphrase, "Here's a green bus and a red bus, and a blue bus, and a yellow bus and they all go ticky-tacky ...".

I keep seeing "road works" consisting solely of a temporary road sign placed in the middle of a bus lane by the navvies.

There are rumours from all areas of the political spectrum about officers profiting from schemes. Anyway, officers cosy up to the councillors as they fight for their jobs during the cuts.

Anonymous said...

I have recently read in the press of a wonderful new railway bridge from Strasbourg to Germany.