Friday, 10 December 2010

he's back - or did he never go away?

man in the dark John Howarth (prop. Public Impact Ltd, remember "Your Better Off With Labour"?) 
appears either to be back trying to pull the strings of Reading Labour, or never to have gone away.  (His company's slogan is "communicate better", lmao).  His dyslexic hand (if you've got a problem with spelling and grammar John, get someone to check the literature who hasn't got that problem, der) is on the blog of Little Dunky Bruce, Labour candidate for Thames ward and supremo of Reading Labour's Facebook page (from which I am blocked, oh how flattering, lol), thusly:  "The unions have there man" (about the Labour leadership election in the autumn) and on that of Rachel Eden, whom I do not know but who is Labour councillor for Whitley in Reading West, thusly: "Advent has definately started" and on the Reading Banner "Matt Rodda checks out in the problem in Katesgrove" - huh?  (also, Matty, don't zip your leather jacket up like that, you look like someone with a learning disability on work experience).
I always thought Howarth was working for the Tories, and in fact prior to the 2005 general election he avowedly was.  Now it's certain. 


Anonymous said...

A nasty bit of work if ever there was one.

He is probably behind a lot of the
recent negative campaigning.

Anonymous said...


St Martin S, Reading said...

I'm still not banging the Badger.

Anonymous said...

There is a new website promoting Reading's latest bid for city status. It is full of spelling and grammatical errors, and it concentrates on hurling abuse at Basingstoke and praising Middlesbrough.

I wonder who is behind it?

Anonymous said...

The company behing it 'THE CITY OF READING LTD' can be found at 204 Waverley Road, RG30 2QG and can be called at: 023 9011 5526 or 07755 604009. The company number is 8519555.67041373-74.78395-9925286.96943104 and the website is at - they seem to like the Bina a lot.