Monday, 17 August 2009

a top girl

is Anne McIntosh MP in my opinion - so naturally enough they are after deselecting her. Anne Main saw them off in the marginal St Albans, because the constituency association members would rather have an MP of their own party, unlike of course the constituency Labour Party officers around the country. I hope Anne McIntosh gets through this too, though the new constituency in north Yorkshire is a safe Tory seat so the story is a bit different. Conservativehome reports it like this. Of course John Greenway MP
has already been deselected (effectively by Anne McIntosh) because of constituency boundaries, so it goes. I understand John has not been well lately, for which I am sorry, I also know of his reputation in the Council of Europe, and an excellent one it is - his activity for example with Amnesty International has brought him huge respect. However. this story is not about him but about Anne, who is a huge asset to Parliament, and an assiduous attender and voter there. We want you as a parliamentarian Anne.

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Anonymous said...

Anne is a first rate parliamentarian, an extremely assiduous constituency MP and has also committed the deadly sin of being a very likable human being.
There is more to this than meets the eye.

When Anne worked in some capacity at Central Office, before becoming an MEP and then an MP, she fell foul of a nasty element there who dogged her for some time afterwards, attempting to spike later promotion prospects.
What will have happened is that those old enemies never went away - they just bided their time and will have tacitly now found the opportunity to join up with the hard-core of Greenaway supporters who resented Anne being selected for the seat in preference to John.
This is not to say that the dissatisfied activists have been egged on by John - he has probably had nothing whatsoever to do with it.
But this type of constituency activist - in any party doesn't need to be told what to do - all they need is opportunity.
It cuts across all parties - just look at the venom from constituency activists directed at Fiona Jones, Nick Hawkins and Bob Spink - not to mention Charles Kennedy from the Lib Dems.
Face the pygmies down Anne! You can do it!!