Friday, 7 August 2009

Blog Bust-Up! Yippee!

His Master's Voice, far too late as usual, reports Cllr Willis' exposure of Cllr Richard Stainthorp's barely literate email, and tries to represent the issue as a party political feud. Not so. Cllr Ballsdon, who was seeking signatures for the petition referred to, is a Thames Ward councillor: the road junction concerned is in Thames ward, and that is the ward in which Cllr Stainthorp happens to live. To my mind the most interesting part of this "story" is Cllr Stainthorp's remark that he would be careful about literacy if he were writing to a newspaper, but that "standards might slip" in emails, which are not for publication anyway. Oh yes they are if anyone feels like it. I've got some of yours Richard that you might not like seeing the light of day. He also says he does not read blogs and is "too busy" to write one. This is the Reading boys' line.

Cllr Stainthorp was about to be deselected from Battle ward when he was offered Katesgrove in exchange for his vote and those of his family in the Reading East selection. He is the man who sold his vote. His email to me on the subject said as the reason for changing his vote "I still want to be a councillor". But is he running away from the electorate of Katesgrove next May? Local blogs are saying he is.

Anyway, all of this is immense fun.

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Anonymous said...

ummm..that pic shows him so approachable. Must be an old one as not so much these days by the sound of it! Doubt the rumour though. Like GB, will have to prise him off his council seat and there will be nail trails on the Chamber doors!