Wednesday, 5 August 2009


is what this is - are we going to see feminist demonstrations in support? Anyone? (sound of tumbleweed)


St Martin S, Reading said...

I'd like to see Russian feminists protest against Putin's insistence on getting his tits out. Eeugh.

Adrian Windisch said...

No return to the dark ages protest

Anonymous said...

Come on - let's look closer to home as well.
Harriet Harman, pillioried for actually daring to voice a political opinion - daring to 'rule'.

We still live in STone Age UK PLC.

jane said...

Puty babes could give Daniel Craig a run for his money in the beefcake department I reckon

but Adrian, good news (a bit)

David Akroyd said...

Feminists (whatever the word means)demonstrating in support of women flogged by an Islamic Dictatorship?

Not likely, the peculiar Red-Moslem alliance seems to mean self-styled progressives tolerating the exact opposite of the ideals they claim to believe in.

There are historical precedents for this of course. During the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, another marriage of supposed opposites, the NKVD handed over to the Gestapo German Communists who had fled to Moscow.

It is perhaps a bizarre, although generally unspoken consequence of mass immigration & multi-culturalism that we have seen the import of cultural attitudes that actually should be anathema to the policy's progressive advocates.

Examples include the practice of (mostly Moslem) "honour" killings as well as Moslem preachers openly condoning wife-beating & killing of homosexuals.

Also bear in mind the content of some rap "music" (using the term somewhat loosely) in which women are routinely abused as "whores", "bitches" etc.

Like the story of the Emperor's new clothes, some truths are too obvious to say out loud.

St Martin S, Reading said...

Puty babes has more chance of getting a job as a Page 3 girl given the size of his moobs.