Monday, 24 August 2009

back to normal!

Mr Salter reassures us by returning to his normal routine after, shock horror, posing in Reading West with Nasty Naz (who has updated his website after having some idiocies on it pointed out by bloggers, who are all working against democracy, as Mr S informs us). Yes, here he is back in Reading East. What do readers think about Unite Against Fascism, which backed the Reading East gig?

Oh and Cllr Tony Jones is giving us the clearest hints yet that he may stand as an independent in Reading West. He is portraying this as an anti-Tory move, but it would be the Reading Labour boys who would want to stop him standing. They want a Tory MP in Reading West, as they did in Reading East where they worked hard to make that happen. Cllr Jones should check his car brakes and look behind him on dark nights.

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Anonymous said...

Forward to un-normal.