Friday, 14 August 2009

deselection enquiry demanded

Operation Black Vote is incensed at mass deselections of Labour councillors happening in London at present. They include Denise Headley, who readers will recall was on the short list for Reading West earlier this year. Here she is:

This is not a surprise. The Labour Party is reverting to type. Desperate to blot out the memory of the Blair Years (boo hiss) when, er, we actually won elections and got quite a variety of people into Parliament and on to councils, they are getting rid of the GIRLIES and DARKIES and are rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of years and years in opposition: endless meetings where white men shout at other white men. Yes, opposition. That's what you wanted all along, didn't you boys. Congratulations.


Anonymous said...

Well, of course they did.
This is why a Labour MP or councillor's sure-fire route to de-selection is to win elections and then, horror upon horror, follow this up by visible local campaigning, representing the wider needs of the consituency in Parliament and gaining the trust and support of local residents.
People who doubt that this is a well-honed and covertly acknowledged process should try it out for themselves.
You can soon see the writing on the wall when the GC doesn't want to hear the MP's parliamentary report, shows no interest in any local campaigning initiatives initiated by the MP and then sets up minions, initially at Branch level, to undermine the MP - first by cryptic comments or lack of interest, then to full scale complaints and finally, well-organised and planned de-selections, all with the support of the national HQ.

Never mind - they will have their heart's desire in just under a year now when Labour will be safely out of Government for a generation and the local parties will be happily back in the control of the great un-washed macho idealogues who have about as much connection with the rest of the voting human race as the Taleban has to democracy.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1229 - do they let you have sharp instruments where you are, or just crayons?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2 - stop soaking up the propaganda dripped down by whatever nonentity Party teletubby has been designated this week to 'communictae' with the prole party supporters ( Burnahm/Milliband squared /token female of the week)and start thinking for yourself.
Who wired you up?


jane said...

so your view, Anonymous 0050, would be what exactly? That having an effective election winning Labour representative in any given area is by definition a Bad Thing? Or what? You don't say. All ears here.

Anonymous said...

Heard she defected to the Conservatives today! What do you make of that Jane!

jane said...

nothing much. She's entitled. From what I hear of her abilities they are lucky to have her.

Merseymike said...

But given that this woman has now joined the Tories, it seems as if they made the right decision