Thursday, 13 August 2009


I have seen Leonard Cohen live twice now, first last year in Lorrach, Germany, then last month in Liverpool, UK. I am going to see him again on Sunday, closer to home, at Colmar in this part of France, where he is playing at the Foire aux Vins, which started life as an agricultural show to showcase the regional winegrowers' produce just before the harvest, but now is as important as a music festival. They tell us ticket holders that "exceptionally" for this concert, which will be over three hours long, seating is to be provided for the audience. They know their demographic perhaps. When we arrived at the venue in Liverpool there were some people handing out flyers and asking us to boycott his show. Why, you might ask. Apparently because of this concert, which is in that place some f***ing tossers like to call "the Zionist entity" - we can't have him performing in front of DA JOOZ, even though he is himself - oh, never mind.


Morrissey said...

He could do with ironing his shirt

Anonymous said...

Local TV news coverage of the recent occupation of the wind turbine factory in the Isle of Wight showed a Palestinian flag being flown in the crowd outside (although there were no Arabs among them).