Saturday, 10 August 2013

where's the dagger?

this picture shows the top two candidates on the Labour list for the Euro elections 2014. Notice the slightly odd angle of the shoulder of Mr Howarth and the unrealistically manicured hand draped on Anneliese Dodds' shoulder, It's a fake, peeps, and what house are they outside? The home of - who? Wherever the dagger is now it will
be quivering between the shoulder blades of Ms Dodds the moment she looks like winning the election. They managed to stop her in 2010 by chaining her to the bedpost in Singleton-White's attic. But now?


Anonymous said...

The dead hand of TINKERBELL for it is HE ---------------- SALTER IN WONDERLAND

It is with great reluctance that I beg to criticise the otherwise excellent post, but sadly, must be done.

Ms Dodds licked the hands of her captors when she should have gnawed at the chains. For every murderer there is a murderee, said DH Lawrence - and who am I to gainsay HE WHO MUST BE RESPECTED in our literary cannon? Just a footsoldier ( 'Ever so 'umble') unfit to polish the claws of the select. But selection and election, ANNY and JOHNNY are two different things.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about anyone's shoulder, but Howarth certainly does have one manicured hand in reality - I have never particularly understood why, but assumed it was his guitar-playing hand...