Tuesday, 20 August 2013

bucket list

is a concept I only heard of recently. Various people close to me have achieved something on theirs in recent times, for example my sister has been to a greyhound race (last week) and sig other has seen Manchester City play at the Ettihad (last night). So what is on my bucket list? Some things have been there for ages, and some have appeared only since I heard of the concept.
See the Northern Lights.
Swim with dolphins (yes I know that's naff, but I've wanted to do it for ages).
Swim the Hellespont.
Stand on that place,  you know, "silent upon a peak in Darien".
Go to a Wimbledon final. With good seats.
Meet Leonard Cohen. Just for a second will do. I'm not greedy.
Cruise the Baltic and Scandinavia.
See the tango danced in Buenos Aires.
See the Earth from Space.
Present Newsnight. (That's the one I KNOW will never happen.)

1 comment:

Crater said...

Not got a bucket big enough. Either that or could not put my list out in any public place or might attract defamation suits.