Tuesday, 13 August 2013

cherchez la femme

among the Labour South-East Region candidates for the European elections, and you'll have a job to find the top one on the list, one Anneliese Dodds. Here is the erstwhile Honourable Member for Reading East West, Mr Salter, extolling the virtues of - you guessed it - No. 2 on the list, one J. Howarth, prop. Public Impact Ltd (remember "Your Better Off With Labour"?). Does he mention the candidate chosen by Party members to be at the head of the team, namely Anneliese Dodds? He does not.

Oh and editorial-type peeps, don't bother making any more late-night well-refreshed threats to me for using your material. I don't give a stuff. It's the public prints.

In further delights, Mr Salter is billed as keynote speaker at a fund-raising fish'n'chip supper. It's actually in Reading West, so we hope he can find his way there from his usual haunts in the East. It's meant as a fund-raiser. Andrew Smith MP is also to be a speaker, but apparently he is the support act for Mr S. Why? The mystery deepens... Fish'n'chips provided by the Deep Blue emporium of that ilk in Whitley, south Reading. Fine, but... the event billing calls it "Blue Deep". In details of how to pay for admission it says or alternatively you can via cheque.Do we detect the hand of Mr Howarth? I think we do.


Anonymous said...

Oh - have they been making pissed and punchy threats again? How pathetic.

Jane Griffiths said...

It is. I'm supposed to refrain from using their cuttings etc on my blog, even though said rags have been purchased or given away free, scanned and sent to me to use as I wish. I'm still waiting for the promised missives from copyright lawyers.

Anonymous said...

I very much doubt that you will receive anything at all. Always the case that those who know nothing about copyright or indeed, defamation, shout and bluster the loudest. Empty vessels and all that.

Duncan Bruce said...

Hi Jane,

Spelling mistakes are my fault I'm afraid. Thanks for pointing them out, have made changes.



Anonymous said...

Why is the former MP for Reading West speaking at a fundraiser for...Reading West a "mystery"? Nowhere in the event information is it implied that Andrew Smith is to be a "support act" - he is just listed with two other speakers. Martin Salter isn't given any special prominence - he's not even listed first. Could it not be the case that it is an ordinary fundraiser for a campaign in a marginal seat that requires no special comment?

Jane Griffiths said...

Anon you're spoiling my fun!


A 'has been', talking to the Eastern European and Vietnamese inhabitants of West Reading whilst eating chips - yawwwwwwwn.

Atkinson Cambridge said...

I have known Jane for 16 years now. She has a cultivated palate - but I have to say that I have never seen her eat chips.


If there is SOMETHING THT YOU ARE NOT TELLING US, MR MACK - THEN DO NOT BE COY --or in the minds of most right thinking people, you will have 'had your chips' as the saying goes.