Friday, 2 August 2013

call him number - what?

a little light fisking, mine in red as always.
Labour members in South East England have - the present perfect is the correct tense here backed former Reading and Berkshire Councillor, John Howarth who is barely literate, as their number one choice from the shortlist of five male candidates the only kind of shortlist that matters, eh John? for the European Parliament Elections in 2014. Anneliese Dodds, who is based in Oxford and fought Reading East at the last General Election, came out top in the separate female ballot the ballot isn't female, you barely literate arse, the candidates on it are. Under Labour’s selection rules Anneliese has been placed at Number 1 undermining her as you did when she was parliamentary candidate in 2010 on the South East Labour List and John will be Number 2 no, he already is. With Labour winning back voters in South East England, John has a very good chance of becoming an MEP.
John says, “It is always a great honour to be chosen by fellow Labour Party members for any role not that you have been, very often - when you were a county councillor you ran away rather than face reselection. I hope to win the confidence of the electorate and to be able you should be telling them you are able to provide it, not that you hope to work out how to do it some day - though that is true to provide the kind of effective representation we badly need here in South East England where our economic future depends on our relationship with Europe the South East of England is in Europe, you deluded fool - where did you think it was? Africa? Antarctica? . I am absolutely thrilled and look forward very much to the next nine of months what is this? Google translated from Klingon? making Labour’s case for a better, reformed European Union with Britain as a strong voice within it. shouldn't there be a close quote here?
“Thank you to all those who supported my campaign, endorsed me as their first choice or gave me practical help stuffing envelopes and who everything else that was necessary does no-one even proof-read this stuff? "and who everything else that was necessary"?, to my colleagues on the short-list for the excellent spirit in which they fought the campaign and a huge thank you to everyone who voted in the ballot – especially the very lovely people who voted for me.
“The biggest thank you goes to my wife Jane He marries women called Jane on a regular basis. Quite surprised I never got an offer. (No you're not. Ed.)who was a rock throughout and to whom I owe so much. I also nned there are newfangled things called spellcheckers, John - if you got your head out of the 1980s for five minutes you'd know that to thank Alex, Jessie and Jamie who have put up with having to see rather less of me lately. It’s great to be chosen but my feet are firmly on the ground – we’ve won nothing yet.” You're right there John. If you get elected you'll be in Strasbourg one week a month. I'll be waiting.


Anonymous said...

I never thought I would say this Jane, but I absolutely agree with you.

Anonymous said...

But he won't get electd, will he?

Ed wilts in the polls by the day liek a remaindered geranium and now even the Obama team has bailed out. Jim Messina has just signed up to assist DC. Barack O wants to be associated with winners not losers. George Mudie for whom I will alwyas have the greatest admiration and respect, expressed the position brilliantly yesterday. Hey Ho. 1983 and all that!

Anonymous said...

And A Dodds! When last heard of, she was chained to the bedpost in Singleton White's attic.