Friday, 30 August 2013

I don't give a stuff

about the effect of last night's vote on Cameron or Miliband. But Assad now sees himself as invincible. Happy now? Enough dead children for you yet? We have to rely on Barry O to save the people of Syria. Doomed.

For some light relief, in a gallows-humour kind of way, here is the vile Galloway doing what he does best:


Anonymous said...

And what is it you don't give a stuff about? Would it be democracy? And I see things have vastly improved in Baghdad since our intervention with less than 1000 killed in the last month.

Trofim said...

Syrian heads, torsos, limbs and giblets of men, women and children have been flying in all directions for two years or so now. Curiously, the media didn't do many pictures of them. Tasteless, you see. But pictures of gassed people tug at the heart strings in a way that a liver or severed foot can't do. Isn't TV a marvellous thing.

Jane Griffiths said...

What I don't give a stuff about is the effect on the careers of Cameron or MiIiband of Thursday's vote in the Commons. The subject of the vote is too important for that. I do give a stuff about democracy,and I am glad that Iraq is a democracy. Trofim - isn't TV a marvellous thing? Up to a point. Some of us were calling for intervention in Syria along before anyone had seen the pictures you refer to.