Thursday, 26 April 2012

We're not racist, says Ed Miliband

In a shock move today some days ago (this is the dead trees we are talking about), Labour leader Ed Miliband rushed to distance himself from the furore over Reading Labour's despicable desperate racist dog-whistle campaign in Church ward.  His "We're not racist" denial was reported in the Chronicle, so it must be true. 

"We're not racist"

dog-whistle girl
So that's all right then.  The Rt. Hon. The Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition has denied that there is a racist dog-whistle campaign going on. Good.  Excellent.  Feel better now, Mr Howarth (prop. Public Impact Ltd, remember "Your Better Off With Labour"?)?  On to new triumphs, hein?


Anonymous said...

He was insane to do that Reading visit - better by far to have had a cold and gone to another football match.

Mister Dog said...

Jo Lovelock's administration continues to do itself no favours. Last year's debacle of political support from RCRE left a nasty taste in the mouth.

Now, with their funding fully restored, where is the support for this year's campaign? Perhaps they're too busy stuffing their pockets with their ill-gotten gains. I notice they're seemingly quiet for all the adverse headlines this 'dog-whistling' campaign has generated. Surely this kind of thing is their territory and something they would - and should - have an opinion on?

And so it is left to the party's leader to wade in and salvage their reputation with an appearance. And what a debacle that was too...

* An unimpressed expression on Milliband's face, captured on national news, as a member of the public mistook him for his brother David.

* A Tilehurst candidate caught napping by the local press while his boss spoke, a story which rates higher on the pages of the Reading Chronicle than reportage on Milliband's visit.

* And then there's the mystery of the report on Milliband's visit disappearing from the pages of Get Reading. Did the paper willingly comply with a hasty request to make the story disappear, in case Milliband saw the scathing comments from the paper's readers?

One gets the feeling Queen Victoria received a far warmer welcome the day she came to visit. This year's local election results should be interesting, to say the least.