Saturday, 14 April 2012

one of us

yes, that again.  Here is Quentin Letts in the Daily Mail:

In a ward of Reading — one of those southern English towns where Ed Miliband is desperate to make local-election gains — Labour has shipped in a white person to fight the Tory candidate, an Asian. Labour leaflets describe their woman, Eileen McElligott, as being ‘born and bred in Reading’. They add, subtly: ‘She is one of us.’
Imagine the Left’s outrage if Tory leaflets ever said such things against an Asian Labour candidate.

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Imagine indeed.  National coverage in their dearly beloved dead-tree media, written by "proper" journalists - and they still think this is OK?  Putative parliamentary candidate Rachel Eden still has the possibly criminal letter on her website?  Outrage on the doorsteps in Church ward as voters rail in fury at being called racist by the Labour Party?  And just what do you imagine the other parties are saying on those very doorsteps?  The Tories are mostly too clever to put anything "difficult" in their leaflets, but will talk up a storm: the LibDem publications have splashed this story everywhere, using words like "shameful".  Only the Greens  seem to think dog-whistle tactics are OK.  Well, there you are.


Anonymous said...

Quentin Letts is no fool.


This 'one of us' line seems to be causing a lot of confusion.

Maybe they mean - she's crap at economics, she's anti middle class and pro giving benefits to people who don't deserve them - i.e. one of us.