Saturday, 14 April 2012

look and learn, Labour Party

former general secretary Peter Watt fires a warning shot about Labour's addiction to control.  As well he might.

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Anonymous said...

Well, you know the breathtaking hypocrisy of this little screed is - breathtaking. Except that it isn't and it is what is expected from this person.

Bullying forsooth and manipulating selections, well hey jolly ho.
And didn't you do your bit there with ultra enthusiasm, Mr Watt didn't you just? As a Regional Organiser, hey? Turning a big blind eye to the bullying and corruption that was going on in some seats as well you knew. Attempting to shovel some people out and others in? Yes?

Yes indeed. And then - hey ho again. The tables turned and suddenly YOU were being 'bullied' and shoved out yourself and you jolly well didn't like it, did you?
No. Nasty isn't it? And you started writing pieces in the papers about all those horrid, bullying control freaks at the heart of power? Yes? familiar?

Oh yes.

I'm sure that selections are being manipulated now - and, they were then. And now, just as then, it is not about ability it is all about inner circles and outer circles and you can be as thick as putrid pigshit and rise like yeast if you are in the right circle. Not nice, maybe. But not different. Just same as. And you, Mr Watt, enjoyed your time basking in it all - being warmed by the rays of the sun - until someone chucked a bucket of water over you and swanned off to the tanning suite without you. So what you say doesn't stand up. You have got form.