Tuesday, 24 April 2012

the Geordie loser loses it big

born and bred, not from Pakistan
 Fresh from his triumphal penning of the racist dog-whistle leaflet for Church ward in south Reading, pictured, in tandem with Mr Salter (of whom more below), Mr Howarth (prop. Public Impact Ltd, remember "Your Better Off With Labour"?) peppers the cybersphere with barely comprehensible semi-literate ramblings on the subject of education in east Reading.  He says he is the parent of three children and something in the same sentence about east Reading - his war with the English language is turning into a bloody rout, so it is hard to see what he meant to write through the miasma of pleonasm and linguistic barbarism - and me a professional editor.  Well, maybe so, but I know for a fact that at least two of his children were driven to school in "wealthy" Wokingham  from his then home in south Reading.  He has started a new family since, I am told.  Whatever. 

Though whatever the opposition to the school, the likely opposition to the prospect of the concreting over of a key green space in east Reading’s urban environment, one which Labour politicians including myself and the former MP, Martin Salter, in his time as a local councillor pledged to protect is likely to be even greater. I wish east Reading residents well in this battle and certainly hope, whatever the outcome on the Technical Academy, the current generation of Labour politicians will honour the pledges of their predecessors.

Yes, well spotted, people.  Mr Howarth has been spending so much time with Mr Salter lately that he cannot resist mentioning his name, despite the fact that it is irrelevant to the "issue" under discussion and that Mr S was never, despite his protestations to the contrary, the MP for east Reading.  Mr Howarth knows this very well, which is why he mentions Mr Salter's time as a local councillor in east Reading - a position he left more than 16 years ago.  Current Labour politicians must, he says "honour the pledges" of their predecessors.  Unto the seventh generation?


Anonymous said...

Mr Salter ceased to be a Councillor in May 1996. Currently a little UNDER 16 years. Facts Jane, facts.

Jane Griffiths said...
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Jane Griffiths said...

he issued his letter of resignation in January 1996 and made a public statement at that time that he would take no further part in the work of the council. That statement was a lie of course, but that is another matter. Something over 16 years ago. Between January and May 1996 he made no statements of any kind in his role as a councillor. So any pledge referred to by the BLGL is more than 16 years old. Next?