Tuesday, 24 April 2012

the Miliband in Reading - who's that girl?

although I always preferred Steve (remember "Black Panties And an Angel's Face" by the Steve Miller Band?) - anyway the pic you see has been posted by Reading Labour, well done boys, and it appears to picture 16 people, a number, but not all, of whom are known to me by sight or personally .  Now you'd think, wouldn't you, that those pictured with Ed the Glorious would be candidates for May 3rd.  Well, they are.  Except not all of them are there.  The Reading boys put the following caption to the picture on their Facebook page:

Ed Miliband outside Reading Station

Which seems to be 11 people.  Those named in the caption are the ones tagged in the picture. Gul Khan, on Mili-E's left, is a candidate but not named or tagged. Tony Page, in  the background (the fate of tall people in group photocalls, as I know), is a candidate, and is not tagged or named.  Neither is Liz Terry, second from left at the front.  But I don't know everybody there.  Why were they not all named and tagged?  Seems odd.  Who is the girl on Mili-E's right?  I don't know her.  Why was she not named or tagged when others were?  She couldn't be

dog-whistle girl

could she?  and if she is, why not name or tag her?

Just asking.


Anonymous said...

I think you're right it looks like labour's Church woman from Tilehurst. Easier for her to get to the station from home than to make it all the way across town to the ward she wants to represent!
Shame she couldn't make it to Church Ward for the Shinfield Road meeting. That Labour councillor Woodwood didn't either. Our meeting showed once again WE WANT THE ROUNDABOUTS BACK: DOWN WITH LABOUR'S LIGHTS!!!

Anonymous said...

References to 'tagging' make me think of prisoners on an away day. Which is, perhaps, appropriate, given the circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Looking them on Facebook they don't appear to have accounts.

Anonymous said...

Where is Martin Salter?

Anonymous said...

Where is Our Glorious Leader Lovelock?

Probably round the back of the station tearing down the Lovelock 2012 posters.

Anonymous said...

Communing with three bottles of cheap gut rot.