Friday, 9 September 2011

now sir, will you tell us how you plan to rule over Reading?

the Reading Chronicle has another puff piece for Mr Salter, this time stating, risibly, that he was "heavily involved" (it says here on Mr S's press release, chaps) in a bid to secure funding for the Whitley Excellence Cluster in 2004.  Er, no he wasn't.  He put out some press releases, that is all.  Therefore, says the organ, he might well become chairman of the charity set up to give jobs to those formerly employed by the Cluster.  One of those very people says he would be great in the role, says the Chronicle.  And Mr S in all this?  Coyly, he shuffles his feet and will not say whether he expects to become chairman of this thing, which is called Aspire2, apparently.  The meeting at which the chairman is to be elected is on 21st September, and Mr S informs us that he would be delighted to serve "in any way that local people think is appropriate".  The Chronicle does not say how they found out that Mr S was possibly in the running for this role, or what prompted them to seek an audience with him.  The headline says "former MP tipped for leading role".  Yes indeed.  This stepping stone to being elected mayor of Reading selfless offer of service to the community is to be funded how?  Ah, we see.  Aspire2 is a charity "set up by 10 Whitley schools" and therefore funded by - Reading Borough Council.  And now that the council has returned to Labour control it is putting its money where it always has.  Getting its mates into funded positions of power and influence.  Aspire2, a charity you have very likely never heard of before today, is going to see its media profile jump very high indeed after 21st September, so long as those voting for its officers, the packed bunch of stooges bussed in by Reading Labour impartial members of the organisation, vote correctly a week on Wednesday.

Ballot papers already printed with the votes, methinks, hein, Mr Singleton-Shite? 

Remember where you heard this.


Anonymous said...

Singleton, Shmingleton - just a load of old bottom music.

Anonymous said...

Go get em. You might turn out to be the scourge of Reading’s politicians.

Anonymous said...

So - same as then?