Friday, 30 September 2011

gone a bit quiet in Reading - or has it?

Mr Salter is continuing to write a blog about fishing in Australia, which appears on the website of Fishing World, a magazine published in that country and known locally as "Fisho".  Perhaps I'll pick up a copy when I am in Australia in November.  Not. You can read it here, and you will see that Mr Salter has been using his blog to campaign against the Australian Labor Party (yes, they spell their name that way), who he says are more interested in the marine environment than they are in anglers.  Shouldn't they be?  Oh.  Perhaps he is disgruntled at failing to be selected for the New South Wales Senate.  Dunno.

Here is a sample of the comments on his latest gem:

Sorry, I must've missed the memo regarding the name change of "Fishing World" to "British Political History World". I, personally don't give a crap about the finer details of Martin's (party-political) past, much less the EU.

That went well then.

update: dead tree Chronicle has this:
so Mr S is back to what he has never really stopped doing, apart from the time in Australia: posing for the media on council premises in Reading.  Sigh.

btw I find pictures like this slightly shocking now I have lived in France this long.  It is strictly forbidden to use pictures of children in any media here, unless their parent or guardian has given written permission, in advance, for a specific occasion.  This causes endless headaches for things like children's dance shows, sports days and school plays, and something like this would be impossible.  I am webmaster for a voluntary organisation here, and have to keep rejecting really nice pix because I cannot reach the parents in person to get a form signed.


Anonymous said...

Fisho? He can just Fish Off.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone still interested in this fried SKATE of a man?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The answer, anon 15:38 is yes.
People like him will always get followers.

Anonymous said...

Well, last Anon - I will take your word for it --- but it must be a dwindling following. Even the likes of Ann Widdecombe have fallen from the height of their popularity so I wouldn't hold out too many hopes for Salter.

Of course, he will remain an object of interest to his family - maybe...... But nothing can be guaranteed. Perhaps he should go on Strictly Come Dancing - but, there again, he has not been asked, has he? Dancing! Now there's a thought!! What about joining a local class? Latin? salsa? rhumba? tango? Could make some new friends and in a couple of years' time, he will be able to go half price - they do special deals for pensioners at most of these events.