Tuesday, 13 September 2011

just asking...

the Charity Commission UK entry for Aspire2 says it was set up by schools but does not name them.  The Chronicle piece says it was set up by a group of 10 schools, but does not name them either.  Would be useful to know which schools are putting money and support into this.  The entry also indicates that in 2010, the first year for which Aspire2 had an income above £10,000, thus requiring it to file accounts, it had an income of £28,774, and filed its accounts 21 days late.  So, could do better, but that is not a lot of money to provide outings etc for schoolchildren and also pay its staff, and presumably an allowance or expenses for its chairman.   When Mr Salter appears next week at its AGM to receive tributes from a grateful Reading take on the role of chairman, those who support the charity would presumably wish to know how much he will be paid.  It's not possible to view the charity's accounts in detail on the website as the link is broken.  Pity.  But there may be those in Reading who know the details?


Anonymous said...

How naive.

Surely we all know that NOBODY is allowed to question Martin Salter about financial matters? After all, he managed to escape the great expenses cull with the reputation as the most honest MP at Westminster, despite claiming over £40,000 for a non existent London base. Nobody would have a word said against him - not even the BBC - despite the best efforts of one of that organ's most senior journalists, the very person, in fact, who pulled the rug from beneath the feet of a certain M Moran, after two years of the most dogged investigative journalism. But Salter, like the Pope, or, more pertinently, the QUEEN, is above the rules appertaining to ordinary mortals/the law/justice etc. So if he doesn't want to disclose his financial remuneration for this latest wheeze, then he jolly well won't! And nobody on earth can make him. So there.

All Hail to Salter, the new God.

Jonathan said...

He won't be allowed to receive any money for being chairman unless they get permission from the Charity Commission. Someone could look at the list of trustees and see if any of them are teachers in schools in Reading.