Sunday, 25 September 2011

its your's

Redlands Labour, the delightful Janet Gavin does it again:

It has been a very hectic four months since Labour won back control of the Council.  We have worked hard to make real our manifesto committments.  just as well one of them wasn't to improve literacy, hein?

Labour keeping it’s promises to the people of Reading

Yes, really.  Congratulations, Mr Howarth (prop. Public Impact Ltd)


Martin S MP, Reading said...

I think that your missing the nuance's of all this, Jane.

The creative use of apostrophe's is inspired by Blue Labour. It represents an attempt to tap into nostalgia involving greengrocer's.

Anonymous said...

Put on some bloody pants! You are fronting up a blue photo.

Martin S MP, Reading said...

As Derek in 'Best Blessings of Existence' likes to say, pants ahoy!

Anonymous said...

Martin -- if the pants fit!!!!