Thursday, 1 September 2011

liberal intervention - fashionable again?

victory in Libya
of course not, it never has been, nor will it be.  But in Libya the main part of the objective, that of the people's will to oust the Gaddafy regime, seems to have been achieved.  There have been many commentators in recent days who have compared Libya with Iraq post 2003.  That was a long time ago, and in another country.  Would you have compared 1945 reconstruction in Poland with that in, say, Belgium?  The people will not be ruled this way any longer.  Many of them are prepared to die for that.  And yet the objectors remain.  Not in such numbers as in 2003, but they are still there, and not only on the stupid left.  It is not unusual to hear that "we" cannot afford to go in and help "them".  Which I view as racist.  Just a bunch of brown-skin Arabs, aren't they?  But where is the million-strong march against France, instigator of the NATO action in Libya?  French tricolor being toorn down and burned around the world?  No.  Think about it, people.  This is a time when, above all, thought is needed, as well as action.

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When it all kicked off in Libya I was somewhat skeptical about the French (and British) jumping in.

Boy was I wrong. No trade mission could have achieved anything like the amount of business we're (allegedly) going to get out of dropping a few old bombs about the place.

Good thinking Nick, nice one Dave.