Thursday, 25 August 2011


is innocent.  That's right.  Innocent.  Not "rich and powerful man got off scot free".  Innocent.  He has never been convicted of any crime, and until this year never accused of one.  He says the whole thing has been a nightmare for him and his family.  Yes.  Undoubtedly.  Being accused of something you didn't do will do that to a person and their family.  Liberal prejudices have not been confirmed here.  Dan Hodges has written excellently, and I think courageously, on the subject.  Because, outside France at least, liberal opinion is with the poor African maid and against the rich and (whisper it not) Jewish financier.  Other things being equal, that is probably as it should be.  Poor African maids not usually being able to hire the finest legal brains and live in secluded luxury while awaiting trial.  But other things were not equal.  Her accusation was not credible.  Some kind of sexual encounter took place in that hotel room, but credible evidence of rape there was not.  Of course it is hard to get a conviction for rape.  Women withdraw their accusations, they destroy evidence, they change their stories.  Not here.  She lied.  Oh yes she did.  She was asked by the prosecutor if she had ever been raped before, and she said she had.  But it was a lie.  Not one made up to get asylum, just a lie.  I posted back at the beginning of July that I thought DSK was innocent and would be freed.

There is plenty more to come out about this.  It appears to be true that the story of the arrest of DSK was broken to the media by a member of staff at the hotel, who happens to be (a) French and (b) personally connected with Sarko's party the UMP.  I strongly suspect dirty tricks by Sarko's people.  And have all along.  DSK will not be a candidate now.  Sarko is likely to be re-elected next year as a result. 

One day, I hope, the truth will be told. 


Anonymous said...

That's a big subject. Strange, but I said when the story broke that I thought it all sounded a bit dodgy. I read the other day that the maid made (that went together nice) a phone call to a prisoner in the US, and talked about "knowing what I'm doing, he's loaded." I thought about blogging my opinion on this a few weeks ago, but didn’t have the guts.

Well done Jane, great post.

Anonymous said...

I also said right from the start that DSK was innocent and had been framed - but how easy to think the guilty are JUST the Sarko crew.

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