Monday, 15 August 2011

Wittgenstein and Kierkegaard

Or, if you like, Jesus and Mo.  LOL, as they say. Click to enlarge.



Anonymous said...

Language defines the limits of my world.I comprehend the world through language;more importantly I communicate my understanding of my experience of the world,to others,through language..[more prosiacally the meanings,public and private,I attribute to my vocab].
Discuss in relation to SLLs[2nd language learners]and social cohension.i.e 'multi-cultural'[wot it mean?'Ba Ba Multi-coloured quadraped'
Suggestedreading:anything by any low life pimp and prostitute who spent time in the US Penalsystem during the 60's and described themselves as a 'political prisoner.]To be continued.

Anonymous said...

Not certain what u mean Bro.Suspect u mean way political correctness in respect of language was introed into our educational system by certain lowlife opportunists who were penpalling black 'revolutionaires'in the U$ PENAL SYSTEM.Our children's education shaped by american crims courtesy of well u nowho...

Anonymous said...

Sure do.Don't know anything about Wittgenstein but Kierkagaard said that life is lived forward and understood backwards..which I asuspect isgoing to turn out to be true of lady Di's contribution to our children's edukation..unfortunately..

Anonymous said...

Which Lady Di. Diana Spencer? Surely not.

The woman died 14 years ago.

What other Diane/Dianas can be in mind?

Anonymous said...

Is Anon, 20th August trying to be funny/silly/both?

Is that why simple words such as 'education' are misspelled?
Ha Ha - not.