Friday, 19 August 2011

first they came for the Arsenal fans,,,

and I did nothing, because I was not an Arsenal fan.  I am not of course, my London team is Tottenham, so I am a Yid, although the accepted wisdom is that Arsenal has more Jewish fans than Tottenham does.  I wouldn't know, nor does it matter really.  But seemingly it does to those who write on the "alternative" Arsenal fan site We Are The Herd - those who fail to make certain financial contributions are getting a Star of David next to their name, because - well, you get the picture.  One "fan" comments thusly:

“Binesy,”… referring to the star next to his name, wrote: “I’m not a Jew. That is as deep a slur as I can imagine. …”

Another fan posted: “The Jews and their accomplices are draining the wealth and expecting the poorer sections of society to repay their thieving.”

update: after this disgrace was exposed by the Jewish Chronicle, this blog and many others, a spokesman for the site said the use of the symbol would be discontinued, although comments like those above were not retracted.  The spokesman, as quoted by the Jewish Chronicle, also said, rather oddly, that 75% of the users of the site were not British, which made them "totally not a racist outfit".

The times we live in...

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