Monday, 14 December 2009

tell me this is not true

according to the Daily Mail (yes I know) the two British BNP MEPs are not to be given the usual assistance British embassies give British elected representatives, but "factual briefings only", it says here. This ought not to be true. It is wrong. It flies in the face of democracy. If people are elected they are elected and whatever anyone thinks of their policies is neither here nor there. And, if it is true (and I have seen it nowhere else) then how does it sit with the British government's "halva with Hamas" initiative, given that Hamas, just like the BNP, are an avowedly racist party? Allegedly a civil servant horrifed at this wrongdoing has leaked it to the Mail. Well, I wonder.


Anonymous said...

Obviously unless they are elected to something else, or somewhere else then it does not apply to them, just ask Mr Salter.

Anonymous said...

Are you really telling us that Labour's politicising of the civil service surprises you ?

Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with the Daily Mail as such - I've been reading it for 55 years now, and the jokes about it are wearing thin.
BUT I must admit that after reading some of their reports I want to get a gun and go out and shoot some politician or civil servant who has made some inane decision.
Perhaps I ought to read the Sun and enjoy some real boobs!

jane said...

I'm not surprised, I am just angry

Anonymous said...

Not much wrong with the Mail ?Fairenough.But lets not forget the headline:'Hurrah for the Blackshirts.'

Anonymous said...

If you don't like the Mail, perhaps you'd be better off with the Grauniad. Their homage on the Blackshirt Leader's death read:

"Genuinely eager to champion the unemployed and other underdogs ... dynamic and handsome, popular ... gifted and a natural leader."

Pretty much everything Gordon's not, in fact.