Wednesday, 9 December 2009


more stuff coming out this week - certainly we have all had our letters from Sir Thomas Legg (who signs himself "Tom" though he and I have never met as far as I know), and his letter to me says he proposes to publish the words "Ms Griffiths has no issues". I think I'll leave the rest to the comments.

Pity though that there has been a firm refusal to look at claims from 1997-2001,for which years Mr Salter fraudulently claimed over 40K for a non-existent London property. But fraud is OK, isn't it, Mr Singleton-White?


John H said...

Also a pity he is ignoring the expenses you claimed for unused taxi fares which you admitted to on Radio 4.

You will not publish this


Anonymous said...

You have also admitted to "assisting" Salter in completing his expenses when he asked - Why did you comply?

Anonymous said...

Jane didn't 'admit' to it - she openly volunteered the information. She was not responding to an earth shattering 'discovery' by the BBC.

Sadly, the BBC refused to ask questions of Martin Salter about the period 1997-2001, despite being fully aware of the suggestions.
They did not afford Martin Salter the opportunity to refute these claims - claims that have appeared in the blogosphere for some considerable time. Instead, they prefer to refer to him always as an expenses saint. Well - he may be! but where in the BBC's constiution does it say that Martin Salter must not be asked tough personal questions about expenses?
Is it in the section that rules that Mandy must not be asked about his sexuality?

In Orwell's words 'All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others'. Sound fmailiar, BBC?

jane said...

"You will not publish this" does not get a comment published, what is published is what I choose to publish, including the above. But he has not ignored any of my claims, they have all been scrutinised. (If I'd wanted to keep anything quiet I would hardly have talked about it on Radio 4). Unlike those of Mr Salter from 1997-2001.

You're not the same John H who commented that I was a "stupid fat cunt" earlier this week by any chance? I didn't publish that one. Nor the one about "rancid minge". Nor the one about "Jew-loving bitch". I could go on. What lovely people some of you are.

jane said...

certainly - he asked me to show him how to fill the form in so I did. Just being friendly.

David Akroyd said...

So Martin is an expenses saint?
If so, it must be something similar to the prayer of St Augustine, Lord make me good but not just yet.