Tuesday, 1 December 2009

singh and shout

now this really is a top man. Mr D.P. Singh appeared on my original election address in 1997, with his family, and it was a privilege for me to have his picture there. He has largely been ignored by Reading Labour over the years, but now they have selected him for Kentwood (oh yes, I remember when Kentwood had Labour councillors) and he will campaign excellently. He would also be a very good councillor. I do hope Reading Labour will put its campaign team and resources behind Mr Singh immediately, er...
Reading Labour gave up on Kentwood long ago. They informed the Kentwood members (who are mostly good people) that they would have to select the odious thug Basher McKenzie and the invisible Salter stooge Viki Lloyd, neither of whom did any work, and then left them alone and watched the votes melt away. By the time they had selected Andrea Collins, who actually wanted to do some work there and represent the ward properly, it was too late. You need a machine for a ward like Kentwood, and Reading Labour has forgotten that. Now, disgracefully, they are only selecting ethnic minority people as paper candidates, which is such a tragic waste of human and political potential. The electorate will pay them back.
and do not get me started on the subject of Sikh men in general, a girl can come over all unnecessary. I have never been to the Punjab, and I had better not go there, I would never come back.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Saw Mr Singh a couple of days ago, he has a parking problem in Tilehurst and doesn't want the Tories to deal with it - I said I'd pass it on to Tony P. They really are a very nice family and were loveley neighbours - as indeed were Mr Singh's parents.