Friday, 18 December 2009

strike is off

British Airways' 12-day strike off, by order of the High court. Fraud in the vote, they said. Irregularities, they said. Vote not valid. Strike cancelled, they said. Anyone else notice (last night was one of the rare occasions we had good enough reception to watch our satellite channels, so saw this on Sky) that the Unite spokesman said in response to this that the fraud/irregularities were not enough to alter the outcome of the vote. Remind you of anything? Redlands ward 2005, after the police found there had been fraud in the 2004 election? Stuart Singleton-White, the fraudster's friend, saying exactly the same, that the fraud was not enough to alter the outcome of the election, prompting the question in chorus, "How did he know?"

Redlands LibDem councillor Daisy Benson, elected after Singleton-White's condoning of fraud shamed the Labour councillors into humiliating defeat, wants to be the LibDem parliamentary candidate for Reading West, and has a platform now. Not helpful was it Stuart? Still, now you are in charge of Reading Buses, so onward to fresh triumphs. Hein?


Anonymous said...

So the judge in the BA case has shown, fraud is fraud and invalidates an election. Stuart Singleton-White has been shown up for being morally bankrupt. If he had any decency he would resign as Chair of Reading Buses now and stop taking the public's money when he's not worthy of it.

dreamingspire said...

The Reading experience and the BA vote are hardly comparable - the majority for the BA strike was so large that the 800 or so voters who should not have been balloted would not have affected the result. What is more important is that BA staff have come out of the woodwork and pointed out that the ballot question was about the principal of striking, not about authorising a 12 days of Christmas travel strike. The union has already shot itself in the foot, so the judge decided to shoot it in the back - a victory for society.

howard thomas said...

BA would be my last choice when booking a flight!
When I have to travel I like to think that I am going to get there without any disputes in the company that I am flying with screwing up my plans. The weather might do it , or unforeseen circumstances, but stiking staff is not acceptable.
How much business has been lost by BA because of these problems?
The reality check may come along with the P45s when the company get to the point where it can lose no more money!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a relief Howard; reduces to zero the chance that I might end up sitting with you on a transatlantic flight - every cloud eh?

howard thomas said...

The feeling my friend(if indeed you had a name) would no doubt be mutual!