Thursday, 17 September 2009

Shirley gets the boot

as widely predicted, Shirley Merriott, she of the bizarre hairdo and unfortunate complexion, has been deselected in Park ward in favour of Basher McKenzie. She is not happy, she had to sleep with several of the Reading boys in order to get selected at all in the first place, despite her sterling work in 2004 in sending Reading East Labour Party members a fraudulent and barely literate letter drafted for her by former Cllr Howarth (prop. Public Impact Ltd, remember "Your Better Off With Labour"?); the letter had gone through the franking system of the South-East Regional Labour Party, keys to whose building were held at the time by Ms Kathryn Peak, a former amateur actress and police officer who is married to Malcolm Powers, the party's current regional director. In Shirley's place I would be well disgusted too.

Basher McKenzie will incriminate himself. He is an ignorant thug known for bullying and violent behaviour, so he fits right in with the Reading boys, but the electorate know what he is. Why did he lobby me when his wife's teeth needed fixing? His candidature probably adds 50 votes for Rob White before we even start.

Richard Stainthorp, the man who sold his vote, is standing down in Katesgrove, though the His Master's Voice report of this cannot quite bring itself to say so, and inserts a deliberate typo, see if you can spot it.

Malcolm Powers, to whom I gave his first job in politics (though don't worry, I'm not going to go all Mayor of Casterbridge on your asses) is an imposed candidate in Church ward. There is a history of this, as that ward's Labour Party members prefer to select someone they think will work hard and have the ward's interests at heart, rather than a puppet of the Reading boys - so they regularly get a candidate imposed on them. This happened to them when former mayor Maureen Lockey died - the candidate was imposed by the boys even before Maureen's funeral - and when that very fine man and fine councillor Wilf Wild also died.

More to come on all of this. BTW, Reading Labour party usually selects its council candidates in November. It's September. They've left north of the river and Tilehurst till later. Oh and I was appalled to discover that Singleton-White, the fraudster's friend, has reproduced again. Been in His Master's Voice, so it must be true.


Anonymous said...

Following on from 'the no platform issue'I understand this policy was ignored by Powers at last year's Henley-By Election.Has Powers come up with an excuse yet.?Other,that is,than saying he was coerced by de facto campaign manager Mr Salter?

St Martin S, Reading said...

I suppose I could have gone a lot further in politics if I had slept with the right people.

Still, I think I was right to put my foot down over Baron Bender. I can't believe Hilary and Mandy thought I could be pimped out like that.

Anonymous said...

Re:Malcolm Powers.Can anyone out there settle an argument?I say Powers grew up on a council estate,my partner says not.Apparently Powers gets angry ifthe issue is raised:social housing is for benefit scrounging,crackheads like Frank on 'Shameless'.Thanks.

Anonymous said...

As for Powers growing up on a council estate:I doubt it.This is issue first came up when Powers was a student,at Reading, I think.
He was hanging out with the Toriesin order to gain their support for his Presidential candidacy[succesful apparently].His rather pretentious,self concious 'middle-class'manner led many to suspect that he was,in class terms,a bit of a fraud.They thought he was a 'tad vulgar.'By the way is he still known as 'three tits'?

tired and hormonal said...

Malcolm Powers was raised by Liberal councillors....and not on an estate to my knowledge.